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The Mystery of
Peter Verigin

“Peter Vasilievich Verigin, known by the single name “Lordly,” was revered as a semi-deity by the Doukhobors. He inspired his Doukhobor followers to build a communal empire that spread over three western provinces in the years after 1899 when they arrived in Canada.”

“But in the early morning of October 29, 1924, an explosion on the remote Kettle Valley Line in southeastern British Columbia ripped apart Canadian Pacific Railroad Car 1586, killing the 65-year-old Lordly, his 17-year-old female companion and seven others.” 1

Peter Verigin’s death was shrouded in mystery and theories on whether he was murdered abounded. To learn more about those theories, click the buttons below.

1 “Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line. The Death of Peter Verigin.” Canadian Mysteries, 05/2021.

Canadian Mysteries

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Larry’s Desk

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Doukhobors in Canada - Peter The Lordly
Doukhobors in Canada

Peter V. Verigin, shortly before his death in 1924.
Photo credit: Larry Ewashen, Larry’s Desk

Video credit: Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line.
The Death of Peter Verigin


This season we are going to feature a true test of time. The new patio area overlooking the river valley has a historical story, named after Peter “The Lordly” Verigin. We will be serving food and refreshments every Saturday in July and selling t-shirts and face masks in our gift shop.

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The items listed below are just some of the delicious food and refreshments we will be serving at
our Peter the Lordly Verigin Patio every Saturday in July.