The King's Race: Saskatchewan 2

Doukhobor Dugout House was part of the season finale of The King's Race: Saskatchewan 2.

For three days, the teams were put through the paces in what had been a very challenging race. In this second last challenge, the teams were forced to slow down and really take their time crafting perehi, a traditional Doukhobor fruit tart, at the site of the Doukhobor Dugout House National Historic Site Of Canada near Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan.

The teams stepped back in time, suited up in traditional clothing, and tried their hands and this very difficult skill to master. Who mastered it and who fell behind?

Huge thank you to Brenda Cheveldayoff and the ladies and gentlemen for their hospitality and dedication to making this a favourite stop of the Race! 

In The King’s Race, 10 teams of two set off from Mainline Chrysler in Rosetown, SK on an epic four-day race around the province. One team walks away with $40,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle from the Mainline Automotive Group.

The King's Race can be viewed on YouTube.

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