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Commemorative plaque
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Provincial Recognition

The Doukhobor Dugout House became a Provincial Heritage Property in the spring of 2005. On June 25, 2005, a bright and sunny day in the Blaine Lake valley, the site was honored with a visit by Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor, Her Honor Dr. Lynda Haverstock.

As part of the Saskatchewan Centennial celebrations, a special ceremony was held at the site to unveil a commemorative plaque. University officials, members of the provincial heritage office, and representatives of Tourism Saskatchewan were on hand for the ceremony, a walkabout and the viewing of artifacts discovered in the recent excavations.

Norman Rebin, Master of Ceremonies, emphasized the courage of the early settlers. "Their tenacity," he said, "is the same quality displayed by Brenda and Danny Cheveldayoff as they preserve the site against all odds."

The walkabout ended with a reception featuring Doukhobor bread and non-alcoholic Saskatoon berry champagne near the Dugout House.

Lieutenant Governor Gordon Barnhart presents Brenda Cheveldayoff with the 2009 Heritage Architectural Excellence Award

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