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2012 Theme Day

Help solve one of Canada's unsolved cold cases by participating in our tours. You will learn what happened, and get clues throughout the tour.

Form your own theories about the dramatic story of Peter Verigin, who died when a railway car exploded on the Kettle Valley Line in 1924. Over the many decades since, police and investigators have been unable to definitively resolve the death of Peter Verigin, and eight others in the rail car.

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First reports about the disaster on the Kettle Valley Line near Farron, BC, pointed to accident being the cause of the explosion that killed those in CPR Car 1586. And there are people who know the case well today who believe this to be the correct explanation. Others at the time and since have argued that the explosion was the result of a calculated scheme. Since Peter Verigin was by far the most prominent individual among those who died, most attention has turned to who might have wanted him dead and why.