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Our 2020 Theme Day and tours are cancelled because of the coronavirus situation, but we continue with Donna's prayer home project.

Those who contribute online will receive free admission to our 2021 Theme Day on July 3, 2021. We appreciate your support.

Doukhobor settlers at Blaine Lake

Photo: Saskatchewan Archives Board S-B9563

Watch for this large painted rock at the entrance to the site


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will not
be open in 2020.

Our next
Theme Day is July 3, 2021

Tours conducted
by guides in traditional Doukhobor dress
will also be held
July 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2021

In 1899, the sweep of a religious ideal came to the wide prairies of western Canada.

Russian Doukhobors fled their homeland and settled in the Blaine Lake area of Saskatchewan, Canada.

They adapted to the harshness of their environment by digging into the North Saskatchewan River ravine, where they built a dugout house, in the style of houses in the Caucasus.

Used until 1904 when log houses were built and a village established nearby, it remains a witness to the tenacity of our settlers. It tells a dramatic, compelling tale from the heart of prairie Doukhobor culture.

This historic site was chosen for scholarly study, as a unique combination of built heritage and natural history.

Thank you for supporting our Doukhobor bread sales this summer

Remembering Donna and carrying on her work and passion

Relive the Doukhobor Past

Experience the grit of our Doukhobor pioneers when reality was not a TV show

National Historic Site designation program.

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Our July tours and theme day had to be cancelled, but we sold Doukhobor bread on July 4 and July 25, and again this month to raise money for the renovations of the Prayer Home, a project dear to Donna Choppe who passed away earlier this year. The bread has long been a favourite of visitors to the Doukhobor Dugout House site. 

Ordering for our last bread sale is now closed. Thank you for your great support. If you ordered, pick up your bread on Saturday August 15 between 12 noon and 4 pm.

As previously, we've made the process of ordering and picking up the bread touchless and safe. When you come to pick up your bread, you must show your PayPal receipt (either on your phone or a printed copy), as well as your ID. You can then drive to the table where bagged bread with your name tag will be available. Please stay in your vehicle, but feel free to take a drive through the grounds overlooking the river valley, where you can also see Saskatchewan's largest tree! 

If you're in the neighbourhood and hungry for a good fresh loaf of bread but haven't ordered ahead, stop by to see if we have any available. There are no guarantees that we will, but if we do they will be for sale for $6, exact change cash only.